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Pet Microchipping by
Our Veterinarians in Park City

White Pine Veterinary Clinic offers microchipping for pets. This service provides a permanent, non-trasferrable identification solution that is carried around by your pet at all times.

In a quick and minimally invasive procedure, a needle about the size of one used for routine vaccinations is used to implant a tiny microchip under your pet's skin. The chip, about the size of a grain of rice, contains unique data that links your dog or cat to contact information stored in an online database. Animal rescue shelters, veterinary clincs, and hospitals are equipped with scanners to read the microchips, allowing them to obtain your information and contact you as soon as your pet is found.

Microchips offer extra peace of mind, so that even if a collar or identification tags are lost or pulled off, there is still a way for your pet to be identified and safely returned to you.

Please feel free to call us if you have any additional questions about microchipping. If you rescued your pet or adopted him or her, we can perform a quick check to see if a microchip has already been implanted. The procedure can be scheduled as a separate appointment, or added to your pet's next wellness exam.

THIS ---->https://whitepinevetcom.vetmatrixbase.com/services/microchipping.html

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Awesome care as always. I have been taking my Fur family to White Pine since 1992 and feel fortunate to have such high quality care in Park City.

Kari D.
Park City, UT

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