National Check the Chip Day

National Check the Chip Day in Park City, UT

Did you know that National Check the Chip Day will be held on August 15th? This is the perfect time to remember to get pet microchipping for your pet in Park City, UT. Whether you have had a pet tagged before and just want to update your information, or you are new to the idea of pet tags, let us provide you with some vital information.

Here at White Pine Veterinary Clinic our vets offer microchipping for dogs, cats, and most small animals. Find out what you need to know about microchips and National Check the Chip Day.

What is National Check the Chip Day All About?

On this day, across the US veterinarians and animal hospitals bring awareness to the need to update microchips in pets. Bring your pet to our Park City animal hospital to check their chip for National Check the Chip Day. We will ensure your pet tags are updated with the correct contact information in the right manufacturer’s database. This will also give you peace of mind that your pet’s microchip is working properly.

Why Should I Get My Pet Tags Updated by Vets in Park City?

When you visit our veterinarians in Park City, UT we have access to all of the manufacturer’s databases used for pet chipping records. If you have moved or changed contact information, including your cell phone number, then you need to update this with your pet’s microchip database record. This information will not be updated otherwise.

As a result of misinformation, owners who are dependent on a chip to find lost pets can be without hope of finding their furry family members. It is easy to get your pet’s chip information updated, and on National Check the Chip Day you are encouraged to do so.

What is the Benefit of Pet Microchipping in Park City?

Pet microchipping in Park City is the optimal solution for protecting your pet from getting lost. Animals that are microchipped can be linked to their owner’s address for a quick return home. You can also have your pet’s medical history added to certain microchip databases. This can be especially important if your pet has serious health concerns that need prompt attention in case the pet gets lost.

How Do RFID Pet Microchips Work?

Microchipping is a life-long procedure that involves inserting a battery-free, glass-enclosed device just beneath a pet’s skin. The microchip can be scanned by a hand-held instrument by a vet, animal control officer, or other such officials. The code within the microchip is databased along with you, the owner’s, contact information for your pet.

Vets in Park City for Microchipping

We offer both microchipping and database updating here at White Pine Veterinary Clinic. Our vets will be actively participating in National Check the Chip Day, and we encourage you to get your pet’s chip checked. Contact our office at 435-649-7182 to schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in Park City UT for pet chipping services.

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