Pet Dental Month in Park City

February is Pet Dental Month in Park City!

February is pet dental month in Park City! As a pet owner, there are many things you can do to care for your pet’s teeth. At your pet’s veterinarian in Park City UT, we help pet owners care for their pet’s teeth. By performing pet dental teeth cleaning in Park City and by advising pet owners about the various ways to care for their pet’s teeth, we help the pets of the area maintain good oral hygiene.

Reasons for Pet Dental Care in Park City at White Pine Veterinary Clinic

There are many reasons that you should care for your pet’s teeth! Below are some of the most important reasons to give your pet regular dental care:

  1. Dental disease can cause your pet discomfort and can even affect your pet’s eating habits.
  2. Infection in the gums and teeth can spread to other organs, like the heart.
  3. Dental disease leads to very bad breath.
  4. Untreated dental disease may lead to tooth loss.
  5. To Celebrate National Pet Dental Health Month, we are offering $50 off your pet’s dental procedure this month!

Signs Your Pet Needs Dental Care for a Park City Vet

Watching for symptoms of dental disease can help you know when it’s time to schedule a visit with your pet’s Park City veterinarian. Some of the symptoms include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Discolored gums or teeth
  • Very bad breath
  • Difficulty eating
  • Painful sores in the mouth
  • Reluctance to eat or chew on chew toys

Clean Your Pet’s Teeth at Home

One of the best ways that you can care for your pet’s teeth is by training your pet to accept tooth brushing. To do this, you’ll need the proper tools. Purchase a pet tooth brush that will fit in your pet’s mouth, and toothpaste formulated for pets. Do not use human toothpaste for your pet!

When you’re ready to train your pet, start by gently sticking your finger in your pet’s mouth and rub your pet’s teeth. When your pet seems comfortable with this procedure, put gauze around your finger and rub your pet’s teeth with the gauze. Once this is done, put a small amount of tooth paste on your finger. Allow your pet to lick the tooth paste, then rub the tooth paste on your pet’s teeth.

Once your pet is used to being touched in the mouth and comfortable with the taste of tooth paste, you may start brushing your pet’s teeth with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Your pet’s teeth should be brushed every day for optimal effectiveness.

Pet owners seeking additional ways to keep their pet’s teeth clean can try water additives and teeth-cleaning chew toys.

Call White Pine for Pet Dental Care in Park City

As your pet dentist offering Park City pet dental care, we offer a variety of pet dental care services including:

  • Examinations.
  • Tooth cleaning.
  • Extractions.
  • Dental Radiographs
  • Bonded Sealants

If you’re a pet owner in Park City, Heber City, Coalville or Kamas, come celebrate pet dental month by scheduling an appointment for dental care! Contact White Pine Veterinary Clinic today at 435-649-7182.

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