Our lives frequently require that we spend time away from home, and it isn’t always practical to take our pets with us, nor is it possible to find a reliable pet sitter. The other option that pet owners consider is pet boarding in Park City.

One of the concerns many pet owners have about boarding their pet is  that many boarders leave their pet in a confining kennel during much of their stay. At White Pine Pet Lodge, we offer something different in dog boarding and cat boarding. Rather than keeping your pets in kennels, they are furnished with spacious 3′ X 6′ cabins, individualized for your pet that include an elevated Karunda bed. Pets are also fed high quality dog food which is appropriate for their age and size, or they may be fed their regular food that their owner furnishes. One of the best things about White Pine Pet Lodge is that it is an extension of White Pine Pet Clinic, which gives your pet access to a veterinarian in Park City UT and provides you with extra assurance that your pet not only has a place to stay, but is cared for as well.

Your Pet’s Stay

Many pet owners have found that having their pet stay at their Park City vet is fitting for a variety of situations, both for daytime stays and overnight stays.

Day Camp

If your pet is only coming for day camp, they can be dropped off between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. If it is your dog boarding at White Pines, they will have outdoor time twice each day with dogs of similar size and temperament to play and socialize with other dogs. They will also be allowed to have their own special toys and blanket in their cabin. If it is your cat boarding, they will also have a great time, and will be given a chance to play on our cat trees and gaze out the window. for a single day is $28.

Overnight Camp

If your pet’s stay includes one or more overnights, we at White Pine do our best to make sure that your pet remains happy and healthy throughout their stay. Dogs will be provided with a comfortable bed inside their cabin, a specialized toy, such as a Kong or Nylabone and a blanket.

Staying overnight costs  $36 for dogs ($40 during holiday and peak times) and $22 for cats, ($24 during holiday and peak times). Pets that need extra exercise  may use the treadmill for $7.50 per session. Pets who are taking medication can have it administered and tracked for an extra $2 per day.

Complete Medical Procedures From a Park City Vet

One of the best parts about boarding your pet at White Pine is that we are also your dedicated Park City vet, which means any medical concerns that arise while you are away can be taken care of.  Part of our staff’s training includes knowing how to interpret signs of possible illness in pets and alert the on duty veterinarian if needed. Many standard medical procedures, including routine surgery, dental care, exams, vaccinations, and laboratory work may also be scheduled during your pet’s stay.

Boarding Policies

For the most part, our boarding policies for pet lodging in Park City are similar to other boarders. Our cabins, although spacious, are for just one pet, and stays are limited to 21 days, unless an exception has been made. All campers, both cats and dogs are required to be up to date on all vaccinations, according to the age of your pet.

Next time you find your pet needing extra care or socializing in Park City, for either just the day, or for a longer stay consider giving them the vacation they deserve at White Pine Veterinary Clinic. Contact us at 435-649-7182to learn more about your options.

We have recently completed our White Pine Pet Lodge for boarding. We welcome all our friends to enjoy a day in Day Care or Overnight Stays in our Pet Lodge where our kennels are “Cabins”!


Day Camp

7:00 am to 6:00 pm
Playtime and Socialization
With Other Campers
Drop Off between 7-9 amWalks

Overnight Camp

3′ x 6′ Cabin(2) Fifteen Minute Daily Walks
Elevated Karunda BedNumerous Daily Potty Breaks
Camper BlankieDaily Play Time/socialization
With Other Campers
Nylabone/Kong Toys/Treats
(One Per Camper)
Premium Low Residue Iams Pet Food
Our feline friends get daily play time out of their cabins to climb our Cat Trees and watch birds out of the window!


Day Camp  $28.00
Overnight Dog Campers $36.00 Per Day
Overnight Cat Campers $22.00 Per Day
Treadmill $7.50/Session
Medication Storage, Administration, Documentation $2/Day
Holiday, Peak Period Premium $40.00/1 Night (Dog)
Holiday, Peak Period Premium $24.00/1 Night (Cat)


21 Day Overnight Camper Limit (Exceptions must have Dr. McDonald Approval)
One Camper per Cabin
Immunizations – Dog; Current Age Appropriate Vaccines
Immunizations – Cat; Current Age Appropriate Vaccines
Medication Storage, Administration, Documentation $2/Day

Holiday Period Policies

Holiday, Peak Period Premium $40.00/1 Night (Dog)
Holiday, Peak Period Premium $24.00/1 Night (Cat)
Presidents’ Week February 16-20, 2015
Spring Break April 6-10, 2015
Thanksgiving Break November 25-29, 2015
UEA Weekend TBD
Christmas Week December 24,2015 -January 3, 2016
Cancellation 8 days prior to first day of stay for holiday periods – no charge.
Cancellation 1-7 days prior to first day of stay for holiday periods-50% charge of entire stay booked
No Call, No Show -100% charge of entire stay booked
Credit Card file required for all holiday, peak period reservations and stays. (Visa, MC, Amex, Discover)