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Everyone needs a vacation from time to time. If you have a pet though, taking a trip becomes problematic. After all, many hotels don’t welcome pets, and you don’t have anywhere else to leave your four-legged friend.

You love Fido or Fifi, but they have caused you to miss many vacations. Next time you’re thinking about taking a getaway, go ahead and schedule it. You can bring your pet to stay with us at White Pine Veterinary Clinic. We offer pet boarding in Park City for the duration of your trip.

Here are some great reasons to take advantage of our pet lodging in Park City today.

Pet Lodge: We Don’t Have Kennels, We Have “Cabins”

One of your biggest worries about dog boarding or cat boarding may be where your beloved pet will stay. Are they going to be corralled into cramped quarters for a week or two?

That’s not the case at all at White Pine Veterinary Clinic. We don’t believe in using kennels for our pet boarding in Park City. Instead, we let all animals stay in luxurious pet cabins. These boast individualized accommodations and high-quality space.

Your pet will be living it up while you’re away. They’ll stay with us in style.

We Offer Day Camps and Overnight Camps

Another concern you may have is what your pet will do when you’re away. Are they just going to sit around all day and night, anxious that you’re not there?

While we understand your concerns, we keep your pet active at White Pine Veterinary Clinic. With both day camps and overnight camps, your furry friend will socialize and get some exercise.

Complete Medical Procedures During Their Stay

Has it been a while since your pet’s last checkup? No problem! During their stay, we also offer complete medical procedures that are bundled into the cost of our dog boarding and cat boarding.

Our exams include parasite inspections (including ticks and fleas), fecal analyses, heartworm tests, dietary and body condition assessments, skin and coat analyses, eye and ear exams, and lung and heart exams. If your cat or dog needs it, we also offer immunizations and deworming.

Your pet will be their healthiest yet when you come to pick them up.

About White Pine Veterinary Clinic, Your Veterinarian in Park City UT

Do you need pet lodging in Park City? Call on us at White Pine Veterinary Clinic, your Park City vet. We’re led by Dr. Dave McDonald, DVM, a licensed veterinarian in Park City UT.  Our other services include pet dental care, pet surgery, senior pet care, kitten and puppy care, and spaying and neutering.

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call us today. You can also visit us at White Pine Veterinary Clinic on 2100 West Rasmussen Road.

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